Wednesday, January 21, 2009

18 year old Revolutions...

The following post if from Cadie, Tyler's girlfriend. She posted it as a bulletin on Myspace. I think after reading it, my eyes were opened just a little more. She's amazing, and I think after you read it you will agree that God has big plans for her! Thanks Cadie... for "being a revolution" in small town America.


(written by Cadie Naramore , Berry High School Senior 2009, January 20, 2009)

In my government class today, we all went to the Media Center to watch the inauguration of Barack Obama. Nearly two million people packed in Washington DC to listen to this man give his inaugural address and the the Oath of Office! At freezing temperatures, MILLIONS of people from all over the country; spectators, law enforcement, Secret Service guys, news reporters, EVERYONE was there for ONE man.They were all there to hear a guy say a few words that they believe will change their lives!!!A thought occurred to me. Why are we placing all of our hope and trust in this person? He has NO POWER to bring us out of the condition we are in. The only way this nation or WORLD for that matter will come out of it's devastation is by one thing! If we can all realize that God is the only one who is Sovereign, God is the all-powerful one, not the government, things would begin to happen. GOD has the power to change our lives, NOT BARACK OBAMA!!! Change has to happen on a personal level before it could even begin to happen on an international level. If a deep adn life altering change could take place in the hearts of the people, it's only natural to assume that, over time, rapid change would begin to spread from one person to the other, the from nation to nation. Eventually, it's spreading like a wildfire! It IS possible.Granted, not everyone will change, but many would and that could be enough!I've heard it said that Obama may be the Antichrist, and my response to that is I don't know. At this point, whether he is or isn't, this entire situation is goin' down the crapper. MASSIVE CHAOS is going to take place whether Obama is the Antichrist or simply because the US is putting sole trust in him to fix the problems of the world. Our only hope is in the Maker. Generally, when people know how to make things, they know how to fix it, right? A clockmaker knows how to fix a broken clock, a carpenter knows how to repair a leaky roof. God knows and is fully capable of repairing His BROKEN and confused creation. But we must be willing to be fixed first.We just have to trust HImBe a Revolution,Cadie

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bleach & Job hunting don't mix!

Who would've thought??? Bleach and job hunting don't mix? Ha ha!

I've been on a cleaning binge today and I totally stripped the bathroom of all living and non-living items that could be physically moved and sprayed down all the tile, the floor, the shower walls, the tub... EVERYTHING with bleach. I even got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor. It looks and smells WONDERFUL. But what do I know? My brain is foggy from the fumes and my throat feels like sandpaper. Apparantly working in a closed shower with bleach is not recommended for the throat/lung function. :::wink:::

Thus, comes the job hunting... Did I mention my brain is foggy from the fumes? I was almost... seriously ~this close~ to finishing a 4 page application for Eric when I STOOPIDLY clicked refresh... It did... right to the first page. Everything I had entered was GONE.

I think I'll wait until my brain clears before I try again.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sniffles and Snots

I guess it was bound to happen. I mean, come on! Mack is 9 months old and never been sick. . . Until Thursday night. Bless his heart, he started with congestion, then a croupy cough, then to top it off - a fever of 102+.

My baby boy is S~I~C~K. Friday morning a call to the Dr. Yerby got us the first appointment available. While we were there, of course, his fever broke and he was all smiles! Lucky for me I guess, the cough was still there or I would have looked very silly bringing in what looked to be a perfectly healthy baby boy!

After a few good listens and looks, turns out that he has a bronchial infection and an ear infection. So, for the first time in his life he's on medication. Might as well be Hershey's! He laps it up like its liquid chocolate. Man... I wish I liked taking meds that well. It would be a much easier life for me!

Oh well, for the next 10 days it's the "cod liver oil" of our time. Yummy Amoxicillian twice a day with a nice helping of cough syrup as needed. Not to mention sleeplessness for the mommy, 'cause I just can't stand to see my babies sick. Eric has been banished to the couch and my new bed mate is snuggly soft. Nothing like a sweet, juicy (as the ladies in the nursery at church call Mack), baby boy all curled up next to you. I'll take it while I can. He's growing up fast!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Giving props to my hubby!

Ladies, I don't know what kind of man you married, but I know the kind of man I married! And I praise GOD everyday that He allowed us to find each other.

Eric makes me strong when I don't think I can take another step. He makes me laugh when all I feel like doing is crying...and sometimes he just lets me cry because its what I need. He also loves me like no other human on this planet!

Just to give you an idea, Sunday at church a girl that plays keyboards was complaining about her husband fussing about the state of their house. Like us they are blessed with a large brood. I think they have 4, and she is a stay at home mom. Unlike us, her children are all small, which doesn't lend itself to having much help around the house. During her "discussion" Eric spoke up and said that he would never tell me that the house was not up to standard, because my job as a mom is to make sure the kids are taken care of and loved. (He has told me this many times when I feel like throwing my hands up when the laundry monster gets out of hand). She just smiled and said that he would be married forever because of his attitude. He just laughed and said, "Yeah, that... and for the fact that I'm totally addicted to my wife!"...

Makes my heart just melt! My prayer for each of you is that your husband is "totally addicted" to you, and that no matter where he is, he's not ashamed to admit it!


Did I mention that he cooks and does dishes????

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just reminding myself...

Today has been hard, harder than most in a long time. I'm trying to remember that God is in control and that He has a grand plan and it will all be ok in the long run, but today it's hard. H~A~R~D.

Please all that read this pray for me and my family that we will ALWAYS be reminded that God's purpose is greater than our own, and that no matter what our will be to His glory!

Here are the two verses that keeps me going...

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which trancends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

I hope each bring you as much peace as they do me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I want to thank the Academy...

Imagine my suprise when I got a message from my friend Amy who asked me to go to her blog because she had something for me... I did... and WOW! I have been given an award!!!

THANKS AMY! I never would have imagined that a mere 2 weeks (give or take) that I would be given an award for my ramblings... its all in good fun. I see there are some rules though. Let's see if I can comply!

The rules for this one are to admit 5 addictions and then pass the award onto another 5 blogs.
5 things I am addicted to:
1. Anything carbonated and caffeniated! Seriously, If I could quit I think that I would instantly lose 30 lbs!
2. The computer... whether it being this blog, email, Y! IM, or Google... I'm there! Multiple times a day.
3. Reading... I don't get near enough time to do it though. But most days you can find me with a book in my hand... sometimes if its only long enough to read a line or two...
4. People Magazine. It's my guilty pleasure and to my amusement my husband has grown just as addicted. He usually is seen reading (or should I say hunting) through its pages trying to find articles, ads or snippets about Hayden Panetiere! I didn't include it in reading because I don't honestly think theres enough intellectual information between the covers to rate it that highly. LOL
5. Laundry! I must be addicted to laundry and dishes because I can't seem to go more than a few hours with having to do a load of each!

The 5 people I choose to award this to are:
1. Melissa, because she can lift me up more than anyone when I'm down and she always seems to be writing what I'm thinking! Her blog is Live and Love

2. Amy, because my memories of homeschooling my kids are forever kept with stories of her own AND her writing of her daily life brings giggles to anyone who reads. Cheeky Cocoa Beans

3. Mardi, because she's the family member I'm closest to and she is the mom of the cutest little boy ever~ Brock! Check her out at A Day in the Life of Mardi btw, her title and picture is enough to bring a hearty laugh!

4. Tails from Groomer, Ang. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her, but her stories of her Bullterriers make me smile. AND she's sweet enough to follow my daily rantings. That should account for something!

5. Beth Moore... She's gotten me thru some really tough times and in the mean time taught me alot about being a believer and a woman of GOD!
I have such admiration for each woman listed here. They each make up a very important part of my life and hopefully, if you get the chance, you'll check out each one and find a blessing in each of their stories.

A's, B's, and CMILES!

Hi~ No funny stories today, just a proud momma braggin on her bunch.

The kids finally headed back to school on Thursday after having an extended holiday thanks to the flood waters entering Fayette County Schools. :) It was reportcard day, not that at our house that is the dreaded event that it was around my house growing up. I was never a great student, but got by... until Algebra II. Let's just say Mrs. Curbow saw WAY too much of me throughout my highschool career.

So here's the round-up.

Tyler - ALL A's! He's a brilliant kid, never cracking a book... it just comes naturally. He also just took the exit exam before school got out and already are getting letters from Tulane and other high profile schools because he scored the highest of anyone in Fayette County. He's already made up his mind though... Bible College (probably Southeastern) to major in missions. He wants to enter the ministry as a missionary.

Abby - She's our social butterfly and her grades usually reflect it, but this 6 weeks we are so proud! She pulled her math grade up from a low C to a high B, same goes for her language grade. I even saw a long running B move up to A status. However, her reading grade fell just a few points pulling her out of A-B honor roll range. But over all, she did FANTASTIC! All A's and B's with one C!!!

and finally Russell - He was very disappointed that his spelling grade kept him out of A honor roll by just 2 points. Hard to explain that A's and B's are EXCELLENT! "Nope," he said... "next time I'll do better." And I'm sure he will. He is our stubborn child. No matter what the subject when his mind gets fixated on something its there until he decides it has been discussed enough or he has learned all the ins and outs and all arounds. So look out, next 6 weeks...

Rebekah and Mack of course do not get graded yet. But I couldn't help but mention them. What would this be without a little braggin on all five???

Bekah - So attached these days. She's the only child I've ever seen that the jealousy of a new sibling doesn't disapate as the days roll on, instead she's becoming more jealous as Mack gets bigger. I think because she's always been the star of the show and now Mack is learning so many new things her spotlight feels threatened!

She has taken up with her own baby, "McKayla". She carries her everywhere. Wednesday night she took her to church with all the "fixin's". Baby seat, bottles, toys and diaperbag. I explained to her that McKayla was her baby and I was not going to be responsible for it. She agreed, but after church she came in the sanctuary with this frazzled look on her face and dropped the baby, seat, toys and diaperbag at her feet and exclaimed, "I am so frustrated!" She never would own up to just exactly why but I can imagine. Being a mommy is hard work!

Mack - if a baby could be graded he'd be A1- Prime time - EXCELLENT. He's growing so fast and has such a personality. Lil' heartbreaker is what he is. Anytime there is a woman around he's grinning this little shy grin and batting his eyelashes. I can only imagine the girl trouble we are in for in the years to come. He's trying his best to walk now. He can stand on his own for 5-8 seconds. It won't be long. My heart is just breaking, everyday the baby in him is slipping away, so I relish each moment, each cry and whimper, each smile and giggle. He's my last one. I am going to just eat him up!

Thanks for reading my ramblings today. IF you made it this far. May your weekend be filled with love and laughter~

Monday, January 5, 2009

Grown with L~O~V~E!

Tonight Abby was helping me assemble a Shepard's Pie for dinner. Eric had been gracious enough, while I was at the dentist with Abby to cook fresh corn and cut it off the cob for me, so when I got home there was beautiful golden pile waiting.

Abby was patiently waiting for the potatoes to boil so she could take out her frustrations while she was mashing, as I was layering the other ingredients... browned ground beef, green beans and the corn.

When it was time for the corn I turned to see Abby standing there with a fist full of the golden niblets quickly shoveling them into her mouth. "Ohhhh Momma, this corn is sooooo sweet!" she exclaimed with quite a look of pleasure on her face. "Yep," I replied, "its good corn." She asked if Shugie had grown it himself. I just nodded my head in agreement, while she matter of factly surmised "That's why it's so swwwweeeeettttt! It's grown with L~O~V~E!"

Side note... I did reprimand her for eating with her hands... then promptly called Shugie to let him know just how sweet it was!

Through innocent eyes...

I am so thankful that children see the world through such innocent eyes. There is no pending recession and their financial outlook is GLORIOUS because they just found 37 cents in the couch!

No matter what we may face as adults, I hope for each of us that we may take the chance to see the world through a child's eyes as often as we can. If we do, I'm sure that relying on God to take care of us, just as we (the parents) love and care for our children will bring rest to our weary minds and spirits. Our Heavenly Father wants so much for each of us. He wants so much for me and my family! And I can see that clearly when I shrug off all the worries of adulthood and become like a child again. It's not easy, but I'm willing to try... "Come here PAPA... pick me up!"

Thank you Father for loving me and wanting to be my provider. I am leaving it ALL up to you Lord. I am ready to follow where you lead. Thank you for allowing me to trust in you as a child. I love you God. ~Amen

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Chicken & Dumplins

Recently, I found that my husband LOVES chicken and dumplings. Not ever really having acquired a taste for them, its a recipe that I left of of my personal cookbook. But being the loving wife, I called my mom's mom, aka Granna.

After hearing her recipe and seeing the contents of my cupboards, I realized I would have to improvise. And I did... sucessfully enough. Who knew that a can of Turkey gravy left over from thanksgiving and a can of cream of mushroom soup would make such a tasty treat. (So my husband said :::wink:::).

All that being said, making chicken and dumplins reminded me of when Abby was about 4 and we were invited to eat dinner at the church with the "Primetimers" (my grandparents senior adult group). Granna brought a huge pot of her ~famous~ chicken and dumplins and my dad's dad, aka Shugie got a heaping bowl full as did Abby. While lapping up every bite, Shugie exlaimed " Why Ewatha! (that's Granna's name) I do believe these are the best dumplins I've ever had!" Granna, of course just beamed with pride... that is until Abby spoke up. "They are good, but not near as good as Cracker Barrel!"

It has followed thru the years, that just when your head may swell with self-serving pride, there's always some innocent enough child to knock you right back down to earth!

As they say, I guess... "Out of the mouth of babes."

New baby vs old baby?

Well, its officially 2009 and Bekah is off and running! Ha!

Just moments ago, Mack fell into his Cruise and Crawl Jungle and hit his head on the Hippo. No real damage was done, but his ego was severely bruised.

Being the compassionate mommy... I scooped him up and was loving on him. I said, "Mommy loves Mack sooooo much!" He of course grinned thru his sniffles. Bekah however, looked up from her playdough dinner she was making and very matter of factly stated the "Ummmm... EVERYONE loves Mack ~ cause him's NEW!" I of course agreed that everyone does love him because he's a very special little boy.

Eric, overhearing the conversation asked Bekah if everyone would still love him when Mack got old. She, still working diligently on her playdough apples, said "Nope, him would be wrinkley."

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