Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where's MY funny story???

This morning as I was posting yet another story about Bekah, Russell began looking over my shoulder and checking out everything on the computer screen. He asked me what ~exactly~ I was doing to which I replied, "Posting funny stories about Bekah".

He thought for a minute and asked me to scroll down the page as he was carefully perusing what all was written on this virtual page. He checked out all the pictures and all the captions then very seriously, with his brow furrowed, asked "Where's MY funny story?"

Here it is son! Here it is.

God's Candy Store???

As you all know, with 5 kids there is always opportunity for chaos and funny stories from each one. Bekah, however, is leading the pack!

I overheard this, this morning while washing dishes:

Bekah was busy playing with her playdough and Nana Linda was visiting with Mack. Bekah was talking about all the colors of her dough and Nana suggested that it was a "rainbow". That began a great discussion of how rainbows are formed and where they live. After much discussion, Nana said "Rainbows are God's handiwork to give us pleasure."

Bekah, obviously needing to clean out her ears, looked around and said "You are right Nana! Rainbows are from God's candystore! That's where we get SKITTLES!"

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas is OVAH!

This year has been tough, job cuts and unexpected bills made Christmas a little less than fun for the adults... I guess it really sank into the kids, especially Bekah, when after returning from Nana Linda's Christmas dinner that we announced "Christmas is over!" and promptly took down the tree and all the corresponding decor.

Today, while running errands, Bekah and I (and Mack) had to make a quick stop at the grocery. When she stepped out of the car she questioned "Why is Santa still on the window?" I told her that they probably didn't have time to clean him off.
She continued to ask me questions, some related to the lingering Christmas fare and others that any self-respecting 4 year old would ask... such as "Can I please have a prize??? I am helping you with groceries..."
As we finished up our shopping and waited in line, we finally made it to our checker who very cheerfully told Bekah "hello". No sooner, I honestly don't think she even allowed the hello to properly finish when she (with quite a scowl on her face) said "ummmm, excuse me... don't you know that Christmas is OVAH?"

Well, what about that???

Who would have thought that I would have gotten off my butt to keep my promise and resize those pesky pictures??? I have to say that I am very proud of myself. Ha! I even cleaned my room today... Can I have a sucker???

Sunday, December 28, 2008


There are alot of things that I need to make good on, mainly those New Year's Resolutions of years past where I promised myself that I would finally get in shape... those days when I swear I'm going to hold myself to a better organized schedule... Ha!

If it were that easy I would be the Martha Stewart of Fayette County and be about 110 lbs!

But today I PROMISE something that I know I can keep, I promise to resize my pictures on this site... just as soon as someone tells me how!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


The other day, while I was washing dishes, Eric and Bekah ran across an airing of Third Day's Christmas Offerings concert on tv.

Third Day being one of our favorite Christian groups it was settled that we would watch/listen for a while.

Bekah, who loves to dance and sing, was doing her best to keep up. She was all over the living room floor with her best "Star Search" moves. While Third Day was serenading her with "O Come All You Faithful" Mac Powell, the lead singer, took a little too much artistic licensing for Bekah's taste. He sang "Glory to God-OH Glory in the highest" to which she stopped hard in her tracks and looked at Eric with the most puzzled look and exclaimed... "Who in the HECK is Carlos??? I thought this song was about GOD!"

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