Thursday, May 20, 2010

Painting, again.

Well, thanks to Bekah volunteering me to paint Mrs. Ellis something for her new house, I am painting again. How on earth could you resist and say no to this ?
So, I of course said yes. Yesterday was the day. I painted and painted and ended up with these:

This is called "Windblown" and is 16X20 in acrylic. I'd love to do oils, but I just don't have the space for them to hang out and dry... The next one is a bit smaller at 10X13. It doesn't have a name yet, and I'm not so sure I'm done or even pleased with it...
The next two were done earlier in the year, the budha was commissioned by my sister for a gift and was HUGE. 24X40 also done in acrylic. The raven was a surprise gift for my husband. It is 16X20 acrylic.
Hopefully, this will be a trend that hangs around. I love the release and RELIEF that painting brings. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Archaeology ~ My husbands career...

Many of you know or may not know that I am married to a man passionate about his job. He currently works with PCI and is "stationed" for lack of a better term, in Columbus, GA at Ft. Benning. The outdoors is his office and he gets to do what he loves. I thought today, I would share some awesome photos from some of his jobs and some of the amazing sites he sees while he gets paid.
He, by degree and trade is an Archaeologist. Yes, Indiana Jones was an archaeologist and NO, Eric does not find gold or bones :::most of the time::: They do however, find stuff like this:
A clay marble.


antique glass bottle

and a chimney base of a house.

In the process of finding all of this, Eric digs...

and digs
and digs some more...
He occasionally gets to screen

In the process to do what he can to preserve our history, he has been chased by wild boars, caught HUGE snakes ,
seen huge bald eagles fishing, found rare toads and countless lizards. He definitely has found his calling and passion. I just wish it were closer to home.

Hope you have enjoyed this walk thru Eric's occupation. I know I have! Enjoy your day...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feeding the Ducks....Well, almost!

Mack has found a new passion... feeding the ducks at Guthrie Park in Fayette. HE will obsess about going and feeding the "duck-ducks bwed".

Eric and I try to take him at least once a week. Most of the time his belly gets more full than the poor ducks.
This week, though... they got an extra treat. Mack had just acquired a new car from the "Cars Movie" line. It was a cute little pink compact which he insisted on being a "ban". He was very enamoured with Chuki, but in his haste to feed the ducks, he threw the wrong handful... Chuki is now at the bottom of Hutto Lake. The rest of the day was spent hearing a very agitated 2 year old exclaim, "BAN! Watta... BAN! Watta!" Hopefully, the Mallards will enjoy the addition to their habitat. ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Has it really been this long???

I know it had been a ~while~ since I had blogged, but this long??? Really???? My how time flies when you are having fu.... well, lets not go overboard. LOL

Life is still chaotic with 5 kids, more so now because Eric is working 5 days a week in Columbus, GA on base at Ft. Benning. He loves it though (not the being gone). He's an archaeologist. It's what he went to school for and what his heart longs for him to be doing. Hopefully, God will find it in his plan for him to be an "at home" dad AND an archaeologist.

Tyler is gearing up for his Senior year. Of course he's amazing at academics. And you should really see the concrete slab in front of the house. He's constructed, as he calls it, a "ghetto skate park"... He's out there most afternoons working on his flips, (I'm not into the skater lingo) so forgive me) and his kicks...

Abby, is 13! Who can believe that? certainly not me. But her attitude tells all too well that change has come. Whoa! LOL... More beautiful than ever and an A-B student to top it off. Makes a momma proud.

Russell is Russell. Loves to learn. He spent 3 days at Camp McDowell this year. The first time he has been away from home without family. He loved it. He said he got tired but really enjoyed it. We are still hearing bits and pieces.

Bekah....ah my little Bug. Kindergarten has caused her to bloom... Reading, math and art are her favorite subjects. And Meredith is her best "frwend".

Mack, baby boy. Now 2, is quickly shedding his baby-ness. He's quick to tell you he's not a baby. Any mention of the "B" word and he passionately exclaims "KID"!... So precious, so inquisitive about every living thing. So much like his daddy. :::wink:::

I am trying to begin crafting again, I'm in the middle of a painting and several sewing projects. I actually made Bekah the cutest out fit. I copied it from a quaint little boutique in Tuscaloosa which were selling them at a price of $75! My version... less than $10! Now that is what I call a bargain.

I promise pictures to come soon. Especially updated ones of the kids. They are hardly recognizable if you are trying with what is on here! Shame on me. I promise better blog habits to follow.

Hugs and Sweet Dreams!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

16 months already.

As I was downloading a multitude of pictures from my camera I came across these all taken within the last month. I can't believe its been 16 months since we brought him home.
Has there ever been a more perfect baby? Well, I can think of 4 that tie... but this is celebrating Zion McKay Watley! Number 5...
Nothing more beautiful!
So intent....
Mack loves being outside!
This is probably my favorite... So Peaceful.
If only you could see that his glasses say "Princess" on the side!
King of the castle... Remotes, drumstick and the big man recliner!
Mastering the spoon!
This is Mack's way of helping with laundry, notice the lint filter thrown on the floor.

So proud he was able to be such HELP!
It won't be long and he'll be grown...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Masters??

I just had to share this...

Bekah has taken to calling Eric and Tyler her "Queens" and rightfully so, addresses herself as "Princess". The other morning Tyler overheard her speaking to Eric and saying "Queen Dad Eric..." . He quickly told her that she needed to pick one of them to be her queen, because in the Bible it says that "you can't serve two masters." Her response???

:::at top volume:::

"YES I CAN. The one who buys prizes and YOU!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow, Time Flys!

It's been forever since I've blogged. And I have missed it. Hopefully you've missed me too! I promise to do better! :::hand over my heart::: Now on to my "Wordless Wednesday!"

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