Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bekah's B'day

Well, I can't believe its been FIVE years since this little angel was born! She was a surprise then and remains to surprise me everyday.

She wakes ups every morning exlaiming the "beautiful day" and never lets the sun go down before she's told someone how much God loves us all. She is definitely a special little girl.

That's why she got a birthday at CHUCK E. CHEESE! LOL, I had only done this once before and I guess adding a 5th child to our family this past year deleted all my past memories of the Big Mouse, and I gave in. Let me just preface it by saying as much as Bekah begged for a party and sang the praises of Chuck, she was TERRIFIED. If the mouse was out in the dining room, she was in the furtherest corner of the arcade, if he was in the arcade then she was in the corner of the dining room. It wasn't much of a problem until Chuck, himself wanted to "crown" her the birthday girl. Nope. It never happened. ;)

Maybe you will enjoy the photos, it was definitley a day for the books. By the way, Mack has been told that we hoped he enjoyed his visit... because it's likely that we will never grace the doors again. Yeah, right. If those big, blue eyes of his has half the excitement that Bekah had about it, we'll do it all again. Whew.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Pray

I'm asking for some serious prayer for my family.

Sorry it's been so long, hopefully I'll be able to post Bekah's bday party pics soon. But right now, at 4 am I need prayer.

Thanks so much.

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