Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching JH Clubhouse. It is a very interactive children's church geared for ages 2-5. We sang songs, acted out skits, puppets came to visit and, of course, had snacks and games.

We have a very diverse group of kids, but there's always one little boy we can count on to keep us on our toes. Sawyer has the most adorable dimples and mischevious grin!

Yesterday as his dad dropped him off, he came right up to Jamie and I and looked so sad. He had his hand on his forehead and said "My 'ed is bout to bwake". We of course kneeled down to inspect his forehead for maybe a scratch or bruise, but found nothing... His dad seeing us popped his head in the door to inform us that Sawyer had a sinus infection and he had a headache.

Yes! Sawyer I've been there many times. There's no better way to describe it. My 'ed's been bwoke too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pancakes... finally!

Usually, well... lets just say I try to make homemade pancakes at least once a month.  But with Mack it has made it harder to keep up with the tradition.

So when I made pancakes... finally, around Christmas, I wanted to make them special.  The pictures probably say it best.  :)

Bekah had been obsessed with Christmas, so her's was a Christmas Tree...

Russell's was a dinosaur...
Abby's was a microphone, because she "performs" constantly,

Tyler got a skateboard,

And even Eric got a special breakfast!

If you are wondering...  Momma ate leftovers!

Momma MIA!

Can you believe it?  Not even 10 months old and Mack said his first word!!!  I am so excited.  

I was sitting in the chair working on the computer, he was in his playpen doing what he does best... and I hear  "mmmmm, mmmmm,  mmmmmaaaa",  "mmmmmaaaa, mmmmmaaaa,  MAMA!"

Of course he was scooped up quickly and swung around all smiles.  I kept asking him to say it again... and he did.  Over and over and over.  Such a sweet sound!   

I was really amazed because all the other kids said "DaDa" first.  I guess Mack knew just what I needed to lift my spirits.  He is such a special little boy with a million dollar smile.  God definitely blessed each of us with Zion McKay.  I think if you ask either of the kids, they will say their favorite sibling is Mack.    For such a little person, he did the big job of solidifying our family.    Yep, like I said, he's a special little boy!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I thought that since Tyler being 15 and all, and not really willingly giving me any good material for my blog, that I would just give you all an update.

This picture was taken this weekend at the park while Scott was taking pictures of Abby in her pagent dress. Again, neither he nor Cadie was not really a willing participant in the photo opp, but finally gave in.

Tyler is a sophomore now, and is academically superior. He took the Alabama State Graduation Exam this year and scored the highest out of all the 10th graders. In response to that we are already getting inquiries from schools such as Tulane, Oral Roberts University and Birmingham Southern just to name a few.

Not that the Top schools in the country have much chance. After his recent summer mission trip to Mexico he has solidified his decision to enter the Ministry as a foreign Missionary! I think that is an amazing thing for a boy of 15!

His dedication and love for the Lord gives me new strength each day in my own spiritual walk and makes me a little sad about all those years I chose to ignore God. He is a witness to all the kids he comes into contact with and touches hearts of even the adults. God has huge plans for him and I am very blessed to be able to witness them.

Hope you all have a great week.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I've been tagged!

Hi! I've been photo tagged by my friend Amy over at Cheeky Cocoa Beans! The instructions are to post your 6th picture in your 6th photo file. It's fun to see exactly what is in there!

Ha! This was from our Anniversary trip to Gatlinburg, TN. My husband the rebel... If you can read the sign it says "Serious injuries have occured on these rocks. Do Not Climb." Of course, the temptation of a photo op was just too much to resist!

Such great memories. We should do that again! SOON.

Now, I must tag 6 other people, but I really only know 4...and one of them tagged me, so if you are reading this and I don't know you, feel free to consider yourself tagged, and check out just what you have lurking in your 6th photo file, slot number 6!

1. Melissa at "Love and Learn"

2. Mardi at "A day in the life of Mardi"

3. Ang at "Tails from Groomer Ang"

Have fun girls and share the memories!

Small town beauty queen!

Hi everyone, life has been extrememly busy around here these days, but not so much that we can't have a little local contest to see who has the most beautiful daughter! :::grins:::

I am going out on a limb and say that it would be ME! But unfortunately the judges didn't totally agree with me.

Abby was in her first pagent at Fayette Middle School this past Saturday night, and believe it or not she wore my senior prom dress from 1991! My grandmother has had it stored in her closet for 18 years... just goes to show if you hang on to something long enough it will come back into style. Lucky for us! Have you seen the prices of formals these days???

Anyway, Abby did fabulously! She was 2nd Alternate and won Most Photogenic. I thought that was superb considering it was the first time she'd ever participated in anything like that. Also, just shows you what a natural beauty she is... all the other little girls had professional head shots that the submitted for Most Photogenic and we submitted Abby's 4th grade yearbook picture! Whoo hoo for my baby!!!

There was definitely a 'tear-jerker' moment when the 5th grade girls were walking to Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses". I think my whole family was in tears because this was the same song that we had sung at Abby's dedication when she was less than a year old! I know her life was flashing thru my mind like a slide show. Makes me well up just thinking about it.

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