Tuesday, August 25, 2009

16 months already.

As I was downloading a multitude of pictures from my camera I came across these all taken within the last month. I can't believe its been 16 months since we brought him home.
Has there ever been a more perfect baby? Well, I can think of 4 that tie... but this is celebrating Zion McKay Watley! Number 5...
Nothing more beautiful!
So intent....
Mack loves being outside!
This is probably my favorite... So Peaceful.
If only you could see that his glasses say "Princess" on the side!
King of the castle... Remotes, drumstick and the big man recliner!
Mastering the spoon!
This is Mack's way of helping with laundry, notice the lint filter thrown on the floor.

So proud he was able to be such HELP!
It won't be long and he'll be grown...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Masters??

I just had to share this...

Bekah has taken to calling Eric and Tyler her "Queens" and rightfully so, addresses herself as "Princess". The other morning Tyler overheard her speaking to Eric and saying "Queen Dad Eric..." . He quickly told her that she needed to pick one of them to be her queen, because in the Bible it says that "you can't serve two masters." Her response???

:::at top volume:::

"YES I CAN. The one who buys prizes and YOU!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wow, Time Flys!

It's been forever since I've blogged. And I have missed it. Hopefully you've missed me too! I promise to do better! :::hand over my heart::: Now on to my "Wordless Wednesday!"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bekah's B'day

Well, I can't believe its been FIVE years since this little angel was born! She was a surprise then and remains to surprise me everyday.

She wakes ups every morning exlaiming the "beautiful day" and never lets the sun go down before she's told someone how much God loves us all. She is definitely a special little girl.

That's why she got a birthday at CHUCK E. CHEESE! LOL, I had only done this once before and I guess adding a 5th child to our family this past year deleted all my past memories of the Big Mouse, and I gave in. Let me just preface it by saying as much as Bekah begged for a party and sang the praises of Chuck, she was TERRIFIED. If the mouse was out in the dining room, she was in the furtherest corner of the arcade, if he was in the arcade then she was in the corner of the dining room. It wasn't much of a problem until Chuck, himself wanted to "crown" her the birthday girl. Nope. It never happened. ;)

Maybe you will enjoy the photos, it was definitley a day for the books. By the way, Mack has been told that we hoped he enjoyed his visit... because it's likely that we will never grace the doors again. Yeah, right. If those big, blue eyes of his has half the excitement that Bekah had about it, we'll do it all again. Whew.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Just Pray

I'm asking for some serious prayer for my family.

Sorry it's been so long, hopefully I'll be able to post Bekah's bday party pics soon. But right now, at 4 am I need prayer.

Thanks so much.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday... FINISHED

I know this is Wordless Wednesday but let me say 2 things... 30 Hours~!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wordless Wedesday

This is Dave. I took this a few years ago, before Dave "tolerated" me. I honestly risked life and limb to get this shot by sneaking up on him on my BELLY! I'm sure the neighbors thought I had lost my mind. But this is one of my favorite pictures ever in my amateur photo career.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My husband.....The Pimp?

I just had to share this, Eric was apparantly "playing dress-up" with Bekah when he snapped this picture.

He looks like he's stepped out of a 1970's movie with him starring as the neighborhood pimp! LOL. Thank goodness we live in the year 2009 and that he has no aspirations to break into that line of employment.

He does, however, begin training for his CDL's on Monday. Please be in prayer that he will find employment soon afterward that will not have him "over the road" and away from home. That will also mean that we will get to move into our OWN home again.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

First Haircuts...

I seriously am having trouble watching Mack grow so quickly. He's my last baby (unless God deems the tubal I had to be useless and by a miracle "fixes" the fix).

It seems like just yesterday I had to call Eric at work and tell him I was most definitely in labor and assure him that everything would be ok even though it was 5 weeks early.

We went to the hospital 45 minutes away and were ushered into the awaiting LDR room to be assessed. After all the preliminary tests I was given several shots of that lovely medication to stop labor and told to rest for the night. By 10 the next morning Mack was on his way regardless of the meds and it had set in. I would be a mother of 5!

In the beginning I felt that it would be much more than I could ever handle, but God is so good and has given me the best children anyone has ever experienced. The oldest ones pitch in and the younger ones have just fallen into the routine.

Now my baby is one and there's no turning back... Everyday he learns something new and the expression of wonder and amazement never gets old. For that very thing I would have a million more.

On the Saturday after his first birthday Mack had his first haircut, while I was pretty much resigned to it, I had no idea how much it would change his baby features into that of a little boy. Of course he's still "my baby" but something grew up immediately.

No matter how old any of my children get each of them are my babies... But the actualization of the baby-ness... There's nothing sweeter in the world.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring around my house means SNAKES

Hi everyone, this post was totally inspired by the fact that Amy over at Cheeky Cocoa Beans http://cheekycocoabean.blogspot.com/ posted today about a garter snake that she had found in her front yard.
Many of you already know that we are proud owners of ALOT of reptiles. In our domestic collection we have 4 burmese pythons ranging from 13 feet long and about 80lbs to 2 that are around 3 feet and just a couple of pounds. Then we have a small albino corn snake and a small Australian Sand Python also known as a woma.
This spring my husband and my oldest son have gone on a rampage, because around here, Spring means SNAKES! Let me just show you what I mean, I won't post all of them, because right now in our shed along with our domestics there are a total of 15 snakes. All but three, wild caught with their bare hands. The three that I speak of are probably the scariest... 2 adult Canebrake Rattlers and their baby. They were graciously given to us by a neighbor! THANKS!!!
So if your squeamish, you might want to click elsewhere now! For the curious, here ya go...
Yeah, that's a rattler. (above)
This is a gray rat snake (harmless).

This is a garter like the one Amy found.

This is Abby's albino corn snake. (above)

This is Monty, the Albino Burmese Python (He's not the biggest).

I think that is a pretty fair representation. I'm sure this post will deter any visitors at our house. LOL Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Prayer request please

Hi everyone, I know that each of you are great prayer warriors and I need your help.

Kortnie Heying, our worship leader, is having a terrible bout with cancer and I would like to ask that you add her to your daily prayer list if possible. She was diagnosed with colon cancer last fall and immediately had her colon removed and several subsequent surgeries for complications. She has since also has had part of her liver removed and now is scheduled for an MRI of the brain on Tuesday. It is very uncommon for colon cancer to metatisize in the brain, but she is experiencing some abnormal effects of the treatments and they want to rule all possibilities out before they decide on the next round of treatment.
Kortnie is 30 years old and one incredibly amazing woman of faith. She is such an inspiration to all that meet her as she is weathering this storm with utlimate grace. Never has she questioned why or lashed out at God, but accepted this as part of her plan, that God will use for His glory. I shudder at the thought of what my reactions would be in the same situation and already know that God has directly used Kortnie in my life showing me the example I should be when I tread through what seems to me overwhelming... but in the grand scheme of things I am so incredibly lucky that God loves me and is holding me in the palm of his hand.

I so love and appreciate each of you and thank you so much for your faithfullness and support. Please know that special prayers are sent up on your behalf and that you are counted as my most precious blessings.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Honor Society!

Tyler came in from school yesterday and announced that he had to be back at school at 7 "for some ceremony thing". We questioned him about what it was and he said "I don't know, some honor thing." Tyler is notorious for sweeping things of such importance under the rug, because to him its no big deal!

We were finally able to get him to admit that he was to be in "sunday attire" which meant that he had to put on his "funeral attire" LOL. (Our church is very casual and he usually is in tshirt and shorts). It was a struggle but we finally got him in a pair of khaki's and a white button down shirt. If anyone reading this actually knows Tyler, that was an honor in itself. It doesn't happen often or without argument.
Anyway, dressed and ready to go, Tyler remembered that the ceremony was not going to be at school, but at the local baptist church. So, off we went.

When we arrived we settled into our seats while Tyler found his at the front of the sanctuary and it began. A mock trial where the defendants academic career was put on the stand. There were four witnesses: Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Character. And not to mention the jury. Each of the 20 defendants were found guilty of possessing each of the witnesses qualities. What am I talking about you ask???

The National Honor Society. Tyler was inducted last night and now represents the top 5% in Fayette County. He's a sophomore and has already had inquiries from colleges such as Birmingham Southern and Tulane just to name a few. Needless to say, I think his future is pretty bright.

I was a proud momma last night. Well, scratch that... I'm a proud momma everyday. Last night I just got pictures!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Dooley

This was the view a couple of weeks ago outside our kitchen door. We were certain that Dooley had fallen down the stairs and died. It actually took Eric a few loud bangs on the screen door to wake him up. He was just asleep. This dog is going to send me to the looney bin!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It is finished!

As most of you know I have begun painting again and actually was "commissioned" by my sister to do a painting for her boyfriend's birthday. His nickname is 'Buddha' and she wanted his birth year included. So this is what I came up with... The kanji symbol is for 1983... Year of the Pig!

Please feel free to comment. It's been a long time since I wielded a brush, but I am pleased. I, absolutely give God all the credit for me even being able to attempt this, especially Him, because I have finished it!

Mack's First Birthday Disaster~

This is Mack's BEFORE picture.

Hi everyone, I'm writing to you as I check Mack's poor fingers to make sure the flame did not do too much damage last night.

Yes, I said flame.

Let me start my entry by stating that we had been without power from Sunday to yesterday (Wednesday) at about 11am. I was pretty certain that a birthday party on Mack's actual birthday was not going to happen. But as soon as the lights came on we loaded up and headed to the grocery for birthday provisions.

By the time we got home I had a little less than an hour and a half to make 2 cakes (one for us and one just for him) and pizza's for everyone. During this time, I realized that I was going to have too much cake batter and ended up making 5 cakes just to use it all up, flipping a pizza cheese side down on the door of a HOT oven, and stubbing my toe to the point of it bleeding.

After getting it all done and ready for the party, I set Mack up in his highchair and put his froggy cake in front of him, candle lit, ready to have him blow it out... Well, have the kids blow it out while I was taking pictures...
Before we could even get close enough he very carefully reached for the flame, extinguishing it with his little one year old fingers.

He's fine, but our hearts are scarred forever! Eric couldn't even stand to look at the pictures that I insisted on taking with him crying... Hello! there has to be pictures!!!
He did recover in time to climb his presents like a mountain,

then when he did open it, HE LOVED his giraffe rider!

He worked on it, rode it and climbed more on the empty box until he was aboslutely tuckered out~ I think it was a very Happy Birthday... disaster or not!

This is Mack's AFTER picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday... Pride...

Russell doesn't get very interested in anything; but when he brought a craft home from church where he was to construct a bird feeder, he hopped on board with both feet.

Below you can just see the pride oooooooozing out of every pore.
I was pretty proud of him myself!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Autism Awareness Month

Hi all, we've been without power since yesterday late afternoon, so I was unable to post my original thoughts on Autism Awareness Day so I thought I'd just point out that April is Autism Awareness Month.
Honestly, I can say that up until recently I didn't give much thought to Autism and how it affect families. I knew some 'friends of friends' that had been dealing with it, but it wasn't, close enough to home, to warrant more that a few random prayers for those in its midst.
However, the past few months we have been thrown into the throwes of finding out everything we can about Autistic Spectrum Disorder and all of the different diagnosises that fall under the 'umbrella'. For those of you who may not know, Russell our 8 yo son, has been given a preliminary diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. In essence it is, if there is a good one, Asperger's is it. It is a very high functioning form of Autism that mainly is pinpointed by stunted social interaction. Kids with Asperger's are usually highly intelligent. There is, of course, a laundry list of other symptoms but I'll refrain from listing them all here.
I would like to invite you though, if you have a moment to please visit http://www.autism-society.org/ to educate yourself, and hopefully someone you love. Don't be like me and sweep it under the rug until it's standing at your front door. It's probably closer to you than you think.
I can tell you that at first I was bewildered that our family could be affected, but the more I learn it has been such a blessing. It's not what Russell can't do, or what he won't be able to do, rather its just how we retrain ourselves to see how they observe the world. Nothing is beyond his reach and one thing about Asperger's children is that when they set their mind to something they will achieve it. It's an inate drive.
Thanks for your ear. Be aware! LOL

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...

Ok, I know its supposed to be wordless Wednesday but this is my first time participating and wanted to invite anyone who sees this to join the fun. My wonderful, angel of a friend Amy has participated in this on her blog http://cheekycocoabean.blogspot.com/ for quite a while now and I have always enjoyed her posts. Check her out. I guarantee you'll giggle at least ONCE. And now for my favorite picture of the day...
Mack absolutely loved his trip to the garden to help plant watermelons! I think this is the beginning of a long relationship between him and dirt.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Artistic Endeavors

Hi everyone, most of you know that at one time I was a budding artist... well, life seemed to take over and put all my hopes and dreams on the backburner until now.

I got back into painting when my best friend of like a million years (nah, just since Senior year in highschool back in '91), Melissa was expecting her first baby. She asked me to paint a mural for the nursery.

Honestly, I was scared to death. I had not picked up a pencil, sketch pad, even a crayon in so long I thought surely a paint brush was way out of my reach! But thankfully, she had lots of faith in my ability and I had no greater desire than to give her what she wanted. So I did it! Whew, what an endeavor. I think it was a total of 12 hours in two days, but the end result was so much better than I expected. And Melissa and her husband Matt were pleased.
Noah's Ark for Riley James

Up close and personal with Noah

It's been over a year since I did that mural and I have been doodling more and trying to stay in practice, just in case someone else calls. And guess what! My sister called... She has commissioned me to do a painting for her significant other's birthday. (They refuse to use the terms "boyfriend or girlfriend"), Yeah, I think that's weird. LOL.

Anyway, I want to ask for prayers that God will renew my skills and allow me to do a satisfactory job and that my attitude during the process be pleasing to him. (I tend to get a little edgy when I am creating.) Also, I pray that this will open doors to other projects that will allow me to glorify Him in a new and exciting way.
When I finish, I will post pictures and would love your comments and criticism.

Hugs to all, enjoy your evening.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Ailing, Ailing....

The kids are finally over the nastiest stomach virus I have ever seen! After a total of 3 weeks of being sick and 2 hospital stays for Bekah and Mack, we are well, they are all well.

I however, have been experiencing the strangest phenomenon. When I wake up and sit up I become extremely nauseous. This remains thru the day at varying degrees until I once again lie down. No, I'm not pregnant! For those of you who don't remember I got that taken care of after delivering Mack. LOL.

If you have any ideas on what could be ailing me please feel free to comment. I'm in desperate need! LOL

Monday, March 23, 2009

100 Things 2009

A good friend of mine just posted a "100 Things" post about herself, I think that is a fabulous idea... so I'm following her lead. Hopefully, my scattered brain will be able to keep up with it annually. :) You are an inspiration AMY!

So here goes... Maybe you'll learn something about me you never expected.

1. I'm a stay at home mother to 5 wonderful children with ages ranging from 15 to 11 months.
2. I am absolutely, irrevocably in love with my husband and believe that he is sent from God, himself.
3. I grew up in Decatur, AL.
4. I homeschooled my kids for 3 years (and loved every minute of it!).
5. I live in a house with many, many snakes!
6. My favorite TV shows are almost all products of HGTV or TLC.
7. My favorite color is green.
8. I suffer from migraine headaches and I mean S~U~F~F~E~R.
9. Growing up I wanted to be an artist.
10. In college I majored in art, biology, computer science, marketing, education and religion.
11. I have yet to complete a degree in any of those.
12. One day I will complete my college degree and walk across the stage at graduation!
13. I love tattoos and body modification.
14. I have one tattoo (more planned) and my ears guaged to 4's. Don't worry... I don't look like a native, it is very conservative.
15. I want to attend Tattoo school in Shreveport, LA.
16. I actually was awarded a $1000 scholarship to the above school, but was unable to attend due to financial difficulties.
17. I collect giraffes and giraffe related items.
18. I teach JH Clubhouse at my church ONLY when Bekah is not attending.
19. I am absolutely UNABLE to teach when she is in attendance due to her clingyness.
20. I never realized just how much love my heart could hold until I met Eric.
21. I never realized that this is how a marriage is supposed to work.
22. My sanity is directly related to my walk with God.
23. My favorite scripture is Romans 8:28.
24. The above scripture states the following : And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
25. I thank God daily for my friends and family's support and prayers.
26. My first car was a 1977 Toyota Corolla. Everyone at Decatur High called it the Toyota "Crayola" because right after I got it I wrecked it and my granddad refused to get it repainted.
27. My second car was a 1987 Chrysler Lebaron. I LOVED it because it had a cup holder!
28. My FAVORITE car was a 1989 Ford Mustang, which I named Gertie. She was such a great car, I gave her to my sister who then gave her to my brother. Finally she was laid to rest about 2 years ago.
29. I miss that car.
30. I am way to dependent on the internet.
31. My husband says my only fault is that I ignore everyone when I get on said internet.
32. I am appalled that my husband thinks I have faults. ::::wink:::::
33. I am addicted to DARK chocolate.
34. Today I am a happy camper because I have found Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Brownies.
35. I have found that I can appreciate Zombie movies.
36. I am finding this list difficult to finish.
37. I have a longing for gagets.
38. I have a "touch" of OCD when it comes to arranging my kitchen cabinets.
39. My canned goods must be organized by product so that I can just glance to see what I need to buy at the store.
40. My husband doesn't get why I have to arrange things in such a way, or why it disturbs me when they are out of place.
41. Up until recently (within the last 10 years) I was deathly afraid of speaking in public.
42. Now the only fear I have is losing my family. Everything else pales in comparison.
43. One day I would love to own my own tattoo shop.
44. I am ashamedly a reality show addict. I just can't help but watch.
45. Knowing my addiction, I try to keep the tv set on HGTV.
46. I drink way too many carbonated drinks.
47. My favorite movie of all time is Beautiful Girls with Tim Hutton and a VERY young Natalie Portman.
48. I think if I were separated from my computer for a lengthy time, I might combust.
49. I met my husband on myspace, even though we went to school together.
50. Not only did Eric and I go to school together, we also worked at the same place at the same time and NEVER met.
51. My middle son has been diagnosed as to "falling into the Autistic Spectrum".
52. Even though I had my tubes tied for "practical reasons" I cried for three weeks after seeing the love in my husband's eyes for our youngest son.
53. If I could make the decision to tie my tubes again, I would refuse.
54. My dream is to adopt a baby girl from China one day.
55. Sometimes I cry for no reason.
56. My favorite ice cream right now is Mayfield Snow Cream.
57. Mayfield Snow Cream reminds me of my childhood when my Papaw would make it.
58. I lived with my great-grandparents until I was 15.
59. Mamaw and Papaw were great inspirations to me, they took us in while they were in their 70's.
60. I'm not sure that I could raise children in my 70's.
61. I know that if I NEEDED to raise kids in my 70's I would certainly try.
62. I have the best friends in the world.
63. I have new red glasses.
64. My mother and I had a very tulmultous relationship, but now we are good.
65. I am a bonafide "Daddy's girl".
66. That being said, My grandparents are my favorite people in the world.
67. My favorite meal is grilled Tuna and baked potatoes.
68. Unless we are eating Japanese.
69. I'd rather eat Japanese than any other "eating out" place in the world.
70. I am learning humility and grace by living with my mother in law.
71. I am very grateful and thankful for my mother in law.
72. The mysterious plant that Tyler found by the creek was just identified as NOT being wacky weed by the Fayette County Drug Taskforce.
73. I am very THANKFUL that we do not have wacky weed growing on my mother in laws property.
74. I have great expectations for working outside this spring.
75. I can't believe I've already gotten thru this list by 3/4ths.
76. My husband makes me laugh more than any one person on the planet besides my kids.
77. I am amazed that my husband can control my emotions with just a touch.
78. I wish I had more time to read.
79. It is taking me forever to read "The Visitation" by Peretti.
80. The best book I have read is "The Shack".
81. It changed my perspective on God and His relationship with me.
82. I have a fear of spiders, well bugs in general.
83. But I will pick up a snake.
84. Well, I will pick up SOME snakes. Our granite burmese in particular.
85. I hope one day to own an AKC English Bulldog.
86. I love to sing, but will not sing in front of anyone.
87. My all time favorite group is Steely Dan.
88. Steely Dan is a band not a person, and you probably will remember them by their song "Riki Don't Lose My Number."
89. I cannot stand "Riki Don't Lose My Number."
90. My Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Brownies are finally done and cooling.
91. My favorite song is "Lead Me To The Cross"
92. I realize the older I get the more I need to rely on the Lord.
93. The ham and chesse sandwich from the Slick Lizard in Jasper, AL will be served on the Streets of Gold.
94. Along with them will be the barbeque cheese fries.
95. I'm not very health conscious when it comes to my favorite foods.
96. If I had my choice between all the money in the world and a meager living with my family I would always choose my family.
97. Since having 5 kids my organizational skills have gone out the window.
98. You would think that it would get better with the amount of new responsibility, but somehow it got lost in translation.
99. I have definitely surprised myself by completing this.
100. I have learned alot about myself. Hope you have too!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

What's a Hooter's Girl??

Let me preface this post with the fact that this has been spring break around our house and Russell, Bekah and Abby have been away visiting their grandparents. During that time Russell has been on "holiday" from his ADHD meds per doctor's orders. Crazy things happen during this hiatus.

Today on their way home from Birmingham, they were traveling thru Tuscaloosa. Our local Hooter's establishment was kind enough to send very scantily clad young women out into the median of the highway to hoola hoop! Eric said that it was the funniest thing, they were driving down the road when Tyler (our 15 yo) exclaimed... "Wow... look at that!" From the back seat, Abby wanted to know exactly what she should be looking at, when Russell answered her..."Hello.... BALLOONS!" I had to ask to be enlightened...

Apparantly, the girls were hoola hooping with balloons tied to their "hoops". That is ALL my middle son seemed to notice! Good boy, Russell... your future wife will be pleased.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How Bekah begins her day...

This morning, the time change has hit all of us hard. We are STRUGGLING to bein our day without complaining and whining.

Bekah though, how I wish we could all be like her, wakes up everyday with the best attitude. On our way to school it was dark and foggy. A gloomy start to any day. But as Russell was complaining about the absence of the sun Bekah spoke up and set him straight.

She said, "Wus-ul, just wait a little while, the sun will come out when my Jesus smiles!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bekah's Bloopers...

Recently, Bekah has decided that Eric's name must be changed. There are no exceptions and everyone who doesn't refer to him by this new name is highly reprimanded!

I supposed that it would be "dad" as she is known to call him by that from time to time, but alas no. His new name is "JD" and there is no explanation. It is "just whut I tink him name should be." SO, there you go... I guess any further correspondence should be mailed in care of Mr. and Mrs. JD Watley. Just to be sure!

Last night I was a very brave woman, taking 6 kids (by myself) to see the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert. All I need to say is I should have hearing damage from the squeals and screams of the 5th grade girls that were piled into my van... More on that later.

On our way to the movies, Bekah was making me burrito's and having me taste them and guess their ingredients... (all of this was done with her imagination plus the help of a stack of paper napkins freed from the glove box)... right in the middle of her game, though she stopped and said "Momma, I had the best dream this mornin'." I of course asked her what her dream was about, and she replied, "I don't know, but Jesus was there, he makes my dreams goooooood!"

I don't know about you but it warms my heart to hear my children speak so lovingly of our LORD! Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm dreamin' of a white.....SUNDAY??

Hi all, so much going on... moving, moving and more moving, trying to find everyone's prized possessions among all the boxes... and SNOW!
Wow, it was beautiful. We actually (after a long night of denying that it would happen and chastising the local news folk for even suggesting it) woke to 5+ inches of SNOW, glorious snow. This was the view from the porch...

Unfortunately Abby, Russell and Bekah were at their dad's so I missed getting to see then revel in it... but we enjoyed it. Eric was like a little kid in the snow, even to my dismay said he wanted to live somewhere that was 'like this' most of the year. I, however, are more of the type to want the temp to be a balmy 80 year round. But I did greatly enjoy the change... When I finally made it outside this is what I saw... Tyler and his friend Jonathon had a snow ball fight and 'snowboarded' with a skateboard deck and all broken bones and injuries of other kinds were avoided. LOL
Jonathon got camera shy... LOL... More like he REFUSED to pose for a picture. Ahhhh... 18 year old boys....

I hope you enjoy these pictures. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching JH Clubhouse. It is a very interactive children's church geared for ages 2-5. We sang songs, acted out skits, puppets came to visit and, of course, had snacks and games.

We have a very diverse group of kids, but there's always one little boy we can count on to keep us on our toes. Sawyer has the most adorable dimples and mischevious grin!

Yesterday as his dad dropped him off, he came right up to Jamie and I and looked so sad. He had his hand on his forehead and said "My 'ed is bout to bwake". We of course kneeled down to inspect his forehead for maybe a scratch or bruise, but found nothing... His dad seeing us popped his head in the door to inform us that Sawyer had a sinus infection and he had a headache.

Yes! Sawyer I've been there many times. There's no better way to describe it. My 'ed's been bwoke too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pancakes... finally!

Usually, well... lets just say I try to make homemade pancakes at least once a month.  But with Mack it has made it harder to keep up with the tradition.

So when I made pancakes... finally, around Christmas, I wanted to make them special.  The pictures probably say it best.  :)

Bekah had been obsessed with Christmas, so her's was a Christmas Tree...

Russell's was a dinosaur...
Abby's was a microphone, because she "performs" constantly,

Tyler got a skateboard,

And even Eric got a special breakfast!

If you are wondering...  Momma ate leftovers!

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