Monday, February 16, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes...

Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching JH Clubhouse. It is a very interactive children's church geared for ages 2-5. We sang songs, acted out skits, puppets came to visit and, of course, had snacks and games.

We have a very diverse group of kids, but there's always one little boy we can count on to keep us on our toes. Sawyer has the most adorable dimples and mischevious grin!

Yesterday as his dad dropped him off, he came right up to Jamie and I and looked so sad. He had his hand on his forehead and said "My 'ed is bout to bwake". We of course kneeled down to inspect his forehead for maybe a scratch or bruise, but found nothing... His dad seeing us popped his head in the door to inform us that Sawyer had a sinus infection and he had a headache.

Yes! Sawyer I've been there many times. There's no better way to describe it. My 'ed's been bwoke too!

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