Friday, February 13, 2009

Momma MIA!

Can you believe it?  Not even 10 months old and Mack said his first word!!!  I am so excited.  

I was sitting in the chair working on the computer, he was in his playpen doing what he does best... and I hear  "mmmmm, mmmmm,  mmmmmaaaa",  "mmmmmaaaa, mmmmmaaaa,  MAMA!"

Of course he was scooped up quickly and swung around all smiles.  I kept asking him to say it again... and he did.  Over and over and over.  Such a sweet sound!   

I was really amazed because all the other kids said "DaDa" first.  I guess Mack knew just what I needed to lift my spirits.  He is such a special little boy with a million dollar smile.  God definitely blessed each of us with Zion McKay.  I think if you ask either of the kids, they will say their favorite sibling is Mack.    For such a little person, he did the big job of solidifying our family.    Yep, like I said, he's a special little boy!

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Amy said...

Awww! What a cutie. Love those chubby legs!!

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