Monday, February 2, 2009

Small town beauty queen!

Hi everyone, life has been extrememly busy around here these days, but not so much that we can't have a little local contest to see who has the most beautiful daughter! :::grins:::

I am going out on a limb and say that it would be ME! But unfortunately the judges didn't totally agree with me.

Abby was in her first pagent at Fayette Middle School this past Saturday night, and believe it or not she wore my senior prom dress from 1991! My grandmother has had it stored in her closet for 18 years... just goes to show if you hang on to something long enough it will come back into style. Lucky for us! Have you seen the prices of formals these days???

Anyway, Abby did fabulously! She was 2nd Alternate and won Most Photogenic. I thought that was superb considering it was the first time she'd ever participated in anything like that. Also, just shows you what a natural beauty she is... all the other little girls had professional head shots that the submitted for Most Photogenic and we submitted Abby's 4th grade yearbook picture! Whoo hoo for my baby!!!

There was definitely a 'tear-jerker' moment when the 5th grade girls were walking to Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses". I think my whole family was in tears because this was the same song that we had sung at Abby's dedication when she was less than a year old! I know her life was flashing thru my mind like a slide show. Makes me well up just thinking about it.


Amy said...

She's absolutely beautiful! Congrats, Abby!!!

Melissa said...

I love the dress! She is so grown up! Beautiful!

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