Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm dreamin' of a white.....SUNDAY??

Hi all, so much going on... moving, moving and more moving, trying to find everyone's prized possessions among all the boxes... and SNOW!
Wow, it was beautiful. We actually (after a long night of denying that it would happen and chastising the local news folk for even suggesting it) woke to 5+ inches of SNOW, glorious snow. This was the view from the porch...

Unfortunately Abby, Russell and Bekah were at their dad's so I missed getting to see then revel in it... but we enjoyed it. Eric was like a little kid in the snow, even to my dismay said he wanted to live somewhere that was 'like this' most of the year. I, however, are more of the type to want the temp to be a balmy 80 year round. But I did greatly enjoy the change... When I finally made it outside this is what I saw... Tyler and his friend Jonathon had a snow ball fight and 'snowboarded' with a skateboard deck and all broken bones and injuries of other kinds were avoided. LOL
Jonathon got camera shy... LOL... More like he REFUSED to pose for a picture. Ahhhh... 18 year old boys....

I hope you enjoy these pictures. It was absolutely breathtaking.

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Amy said...

Great pics! It was beautiful, wasn't it? We got less snow than y'all, but the kids still had a blast. And I see I wasn't the only one who had a "snowboarder" using a deck. Also no broken bones here, fortunately. :) I've been praying for you. Hope the settling in (and especially the unpacking) goes very quickly!!

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