Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bekah's Bloopers...

Recently, Bekah has decided that Eric's name must be changed. There are no exceptions and everyone who doesn't refer to him by this new name is highly reprimanded!

I supposed that it would be "dad" as she is known to call him by that from time to time, but alas no. His new name is "JD" and there is no explanation. It is "just whut I tink him name should be." SO, there you go... I guess any further correspondence should be mailed in care of Mr. and Mrs. JD Watley. Just to be sure!

Last night I was a very brave woman, taking 6 kids (by myself) to see the Jonas Brothers 3-D concert. All I need to say is I should have hearing damage from the squeals and screams of the 5th grade girls that were piled into my van... More on that later.

On our way to the movies, Bekah was making me burrito's and having me taste them and guess their ingredients... (all of this was done with her imagination plus the help of a stack of paper napkins freed from the glove box)... right in the middle of her game, though she stopped and said "Momma, I had the best dream this mornin'." I of course asked her what her dream was about, and she replied, "I don't know, but Jesus was there, he makes my dreams goooooood!"

I don't know about you but it warms my heart to hear my children speak so lovingly of our LORD! Have a great day.

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