Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sniffles and Snots

I guess it was bound to happen. I mean, come on! Mack is 9 months old and never been sick. . . Until Thursday night. Bless his heart, he started with congestion, then a croupy cough, then to top it off - a fever of 102+.

My baby boy is S~I~C~K. Friday morning a call to the Dr. Yerby got us the first appointment available. While we were there, of course, his fever broke and he was all smiles! Lucky for me I guess, the cough was still there or I would have looked very silly bringing in what looked to be a perfectly healthy baby boy!

After a few good listens and looks, turns out that he has a bronchial infection and an ear infection. So, for the first time in his life he's on medication. Might as well be Hershey's! He laps it up like its liquid chocolate. Man... I wish I liked taking meds that well. It would be a much easier life for me!

Oh well, for the next 10 days it's the "cod liver oil" of our time. Yummy Amoxicillian twice a day with a nice helping of cough syrup as needed. Not to mention sleeplessness for the mommy, 'cause I just can't stand to see my babies sick. Eric has been banished to the couch and my new bed mate is snuggly soft. Nothing like a sweet, juicy (as the ladies in the nursery at church call Mack), baby boy all curled up next to you. I'll take it while I can. He's growing up fast!


Melissa said...

Bless his heart - and yours!!! I hope he gets well soon. Enjoy the snuggly while it lasts - you know that in a blink of an eye, he'll be too cool to snuggle with mom.

Amy said...

Aww...I hope Mack is completely better soon! And that y'all are sleeping. :)

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