Friday, January 9, 2009

A's, B's, and CMILES!

Hi~ No funny stories today, just a proud momma braggin on her bunch.

The kids finally headed back to school on Thursday after having an extended holiday thanks to the flood waters entering Fayette County Schools. :) It was reportcard day, not that at our house that is the dreaded event that it was around my house growing up. I was never a great student, but got by... until Algebra II. Let's just say Mrs. Curbow saw WAY too much of me throughout my highschool career.

So here's the round-up.

Tyler - ALL A's! He's a brilliant kid, never cracking a book... it just comes naturally. He also just took the exit exam before school got out and already are getting letters from Tulane and other high profile schools because he scored the highest of anyone in Fayette County. He's already made up his mind though... Bible College (probably Southeastern) to major in missions. He wants to enter the ministry as a missionary.

Abby - She's our social butterfly and her grades usually reflect it, but this 6 weeks we are so proud! She pulled her math grade up from a low C to a high B, same goes for her language grade. I even saw a long running B move up to A status. However, her reading grade fell just a few points pulling her out of A-B honor roll range. But over all, she did FANTASTIC! All A's and B's with one C!!!

and finally Russell - He was very disappointed that his spelling grade kept him out of A honor roll by just 2 points. Hard to explain that A's and B's are EXCELLENT! "Nope," he said... "next time I'll do better." And I'm sure he will. He is our stubborn child. No matter what the subject when his mind gets fixated on something its there until he decides it has been discussed enough or he has learned all the ins and outs and all arounds. So look out, next 6 weeks...

Rebekah and Mack of course do not get graded yet. But I couldn't help but mention them. What would this be without a little braggin on all five???

Bekah - So attached these days. She's the only child I've ever seen that the jealousy of a new sibling doesn't disapate as the days roll on, instead she's becoming more jealous as Mack gets bigger. I think because she's always been the star of the show and now Mack is learning so many new things her spotlight feels threatened!

She has taken up with her own baby, "McKayla". She carries her everywhere. Wednesday night she took her to church with all the "fixin's". Baby seat, bottles, toys and diaperbag. I explained to her that McKayla was her baby and I was not going to be responsible for it. She agreed, but after church she came in the sanctuary with this frazzled look on her face and dropped the baby, seat, toys and diaperbag at her feet and exclaimed, "I am so frustrated!" She never would own up to just exactly why but I can imagine. Being a mommy is hard work!

Mack - if a baby could be graded he'd be A1- Prime time - EXCELLENT. He's growing so fast and has such a personality. Lil' heartbreaker is what he is. Anytime there is a woman around he's grinning this little shy grin and batting his eyelashes. I can only imagine the girl trouble we are in for in the years to come. He's trying his best to walk now. He can stand on his own for 5-8 seconds. It won't be long. My heart is just breaking, everyday the baby in him is slipping away, so I relish each moment, each cry and whimper, each smile and giggle. He's my last one. I am going to just eat him up!

Thanks for reading my ramblings today. IF you made it this far. May your weekend be filled with love and laughter~

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Amy said...

Whoo hoo! Definitely worth bragging about! :)

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