Monday, January 5, 2009

Grown with L~O~V~E!

Tonight Abby was helping me assemble a Shepard's Pie for dinner. Eric had been gracious enough, while I was at the dentist with Abby to cook fresh corn and cut it off the cob for me, so when I got home there was beautiful golden pile waiting.

Abby was patiently waiting for the potatoes to boil so she could take out her frustrations while she was mashing, as I was layering the other ingredients... browned ground beef, green beans and the corn.

When it was time for the corn I turned to see Abby standing there with a fist full of the golden niblets quickly shoveling them into her mouth. "Ohhhh Momma, this corn is sooooo sweet!" she exclaimed with quite a look of pleasure on her face. "Yep," I replied, "its good corn." She asked if Shugie had grown it himself. I just nodded my head in agreement, while she matter of factly surmised "That's why it's so swwwweeeeettttt! It's grown with L~O~V~E!"

Side note... I did reprimand her for eating with her hands... then promptly called Shugie to let him know just how sweet it was!

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Amy said...

How sweet!!

Come by my blog to see what I have for you. :)

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