Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring around my house means SNAKES

Hi everyone, this post was totally inspired by the fact that Amy over at Cheeky Cocoa Beans posted today about a garter snake that she had found in her front yard.
Many of you already know that we are proud owners of ALOT of reptiles. In our domestic collection we have 4 burmese pythons ranging from 13 feet long and about 80lbs to 2 that are around 3 feet and just a couple of pounds. Then we have a small albino corn snake and a small Australian Sand Python also known as a woma.
This spring my husband and my oldest son have gone on a rampage, because around here, Spring means SNAKES! Let me just show you what I mean, I won't post all of them, because right now in our shed along with our domestics there are a total of 15 snakes. All but three, wild caught with their bare hands. The three that I speak of are probably the scariest... 2 adult Canebrake Rattlers and their baby. They were graciously given to us by a neighbor! THANKS!!!
So if your squeamish, you might want to click elsewhere now! For the curious, here ya go...
Yeah, that's a rattler. (above)
This is a gray rat snake (harmless).

This is a garter like the one Amy found.

This is Abby's albino corn snake. (above)

This is Monty, the Albino Burmese Python (He's not the biggest).

I think that is a pretty fair representation. I'm sure this post will deter any visitors at our house. LOL Hope you enjoy.

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Amy said...

Now, I'm not one to scream around snakes or anything like that (my first reaction to our infamous little garter was to grab my camera, after all) but I don't know how you sleep at night. I'd be dreaming about escapees every single night!

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