Friday, May 8, 2009

First Haircuts...

I seriously am having trouble watching Mack grow so quickly. He's my last baby (unless God deems the tubal I had to be useless and by a miracle "fixes" the fix).

It seems like just yesterday I had to call Eric at work and tell him I was most definitely in labor and assure him that everything would be ok even though it was 5 weeks early.

We went to the hospital 45 minutes away and were ushered into the awaiting LDR room to be assessed. After all the preliminary tests I was given several shots of that lovely medication to stop labor and told to rest for the night. By 10 the next morning Mack was on his way regardless of the meds and it had set in. I would be a mother of 5!

In the beginning I felt that it would be much more than I could ever handle, but God is so good and has given me the best children anyone has ever experienced. The oldest ones pitch in and the younger ones have just fallen into the routine.

Now my baby is one and there's no turning back... Everyday he learns something new and the expression of wonder and amazement never gets old. For that very thing I would have a million more.

On the Saturday after his first birthday Mack had his first haircut, while I was pretty much resigned to it, I had no idea how much it would change his baby features into that of a little boy. Of course he's still "my baby" but something grew up immediately.

No matter how old any of my children get each of them are my babies... But the actualization of the baby-ness... There's nothing sweeter in the world.

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Amy said... sweet! I have never been one of those moms who waits until my baby is 1 yr. old before cutting hair...hmmmm...probably because my first and my last in particular both had STRANGE HAIR GROWTH and had a few inches cut off of spots by the time they were 2 months old or so. (Seriously.) But I can remember crying after baby #2 got his first buzz cut. :( He looked so grown up! He was just a little past 2, and begged for a haircut like his big brother. Why I let a 2 year old talk me into that, I'll never know!! :)

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