Friday, May 15, 2009

My husband.....The Pimp?

I just had to share this, Eric was apparantly "playing dress-up" with Bekah when he snapped this picture.

He looks like he's stepped out of a 1970's movie with him starring as the neighborhood pimp! LOL. Thank goodness we live in the year 2009 and that he has no aspirations to break into that line of employment.

He does, however, begin training for his CDL's on Monday. Please be in prayer that he will find employment soon afterward that will not have him "over the road" and away from home. That will also mean that we will get to move into our OWN home again.

Have a great weekend!


Toni said...

What a great picture! Wishing him luck with the cdl.


Amy said...


I'm praying for y'all.

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