Wednesday, April 29, 2009

National Honor Society!

Tyler came in from school yesterday and announced that he had to be back at school at 7 "for some ceremony thing". We questioned him about what it was and he said "I don't know, some honor thing." Tyler is notorious for sweeping things of such importance under the rug, because to him its no big deal!

We were finally able to get him to admit that he was to be in "sunday attire" which meant that he had to put on his "funeral attire" LOL. (Our church is very casual and he usually is in tshirt and shorts). It was a struggle but we finally got him in a pair of khaki's and a white button down shirt. If anyone reading this actually knows Tyler, that was an honor in itself. It doesn't happen often or without argument.
Anyway, dressed and ready to go, Tyler remembered that the ceremony was not going to be at school, but at the local baptist church. So, off we went.

When we arrived we settled into our seats while Tyler found his at the front of the sanctuary and it began. A mock trial where the defendants academic career was put on the stand. There were four witnesses: Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Character. And not to mention the jury. Each of the 20 defendants were found guilty of possessing each of the witnesses qualities. What am I talking about you ask???

The National Honor Society. Tyler was inducted last night and now represents the top 5% in Fayette County. He's a sophomore and has already had inquiries from colleges such as Birmingham Southern and Tulane just to name a few. Needless to say, I think his future is pretty bright.

I was a proud momma last night. Well, scratch that... I'm a proud momma everyday. Last night I just got pictures!

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