Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God's Candy Store???

As you all know, with 5 kids there is always opportunity for chaos and funny stories from each one. Bekah, however, is leading the pack!

I overheard this, this morning while washing dishes:

Bekah was busy playing with her playdough and Nana Linda was visiting with Mack. Bekah was talking about all the colors of her dough and Nana suggested that it was a "rainbow". That began a great discussion of how rainbows are formed and where they live. After much discussion, Nana said "Rainbows are God's handiwork to give us pleasure."

Bekah, obviously needing to clean out her ears, looked around and said "You are right Nana! Rainbows are from God's candystore! That's where we get SKITTLES!"

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